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About Our Spokane, WA Driving School


Driving can become automatic. While we can't drive with our eyes closed, we can drive without giving driving much thought. Your son or daughter will share the road with drivers who aren't thinking about driving. They're thinking about work, the weekend, family, they are on talking phone or sending someone a text.

These drivers react suddenly and blindly to changing traffic situations, clueless to how their reactions affect other drivers. They take actions that put other drivers at risk - especially new drivers. At Interface Driving Academy, new drivers learn how to protect themselves from the Clueless Driver. 

Our approach focuses on helping students appreciate the delicate yet critical balance between freedom and their responsibility on the road. We would love to help your new driver open up their world to the opportunities safe driving can bring.


Through comprehensive e-mailed drive reports and constant communication, you're in the loop on the progress of your driver. We also provide you with fun parking lot exercises you can use to help your driver learn to control the car.

As a parent, enjoy the benefit of these driving reports to help your driver practice on specific areas of improvement identified by our certified driver instructors.

Together, we can help your teen driver become a safe driver.

4 Locations

North Spokane - 329 W Hastings Rd - Behind the Fairwood Animal Hospital on Hastings and Bellwood.

Central Spokane - 1522 N Washington St - Across N Washington from North Central High School.

South Spokane - Ferris High School

Lewis and Clark High School