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DOL Written & Drive Tests

There will be no DOL Written test at 4 pm on Friday May 30

The Department of Licensing requires a government issued ID when taking the DOL Written or Drive test. If your government issued ID Card has your picture on it you do not need any additional ID. (Passport, Military ID, Driver's license or permit from any US State)

If your WA Permit does not have your picture on it you must bring a High School or College ID card that does have your picture on it.

A High School or College ID card without a Washington Instructional Permit DOES NOT meet the state standard for testing.

We are approved by the State of Washington Department of Licensing to offer both the written and drive test. 

Currently, we only conduct DOL Tests from our North Spokane location - 329 W Hastings Rd.

Click here to apply for your Washington State PIC/ID Number SAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER!

The confirmation number you recieve is your Washington State PIC/ID Number

To download and review a copy of our Testing Policies visit our resource page.

Click here to get a copy of the Washington Driver Guide

 Study the Washington Driver Guide very thoroughly before testing. Online practice test are not very effective at preparing you to pass your Written test

No DOL testing on Mondays

Written Test - $20

Bring a government issued picture ID and Washington DOL PIC/ID/Permit number

Test Times - You must arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start time (See below for information about early check in for testing); the Department of Licensing does not allow anyone to start if they arrive late.

Written Test Schedule:

  • Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday @ 12:30 pm
  • Friday @ 4 pm
  • No Appointment needed
  • Seating is limited to 12 people on a first come basis
  • Early Check in - You may check in for testing 1 hour before the scheduled staret time. If you opt to leave the testing facility after checking in you must return to the testing facuility at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the test; failing to return 10 minutes before the start time may result in you loosing your seat.
  • Per DOL testing regulations, if you arrive after the tests has started, you will not be allowed to start the test.
  • If a person has attempted the written test twice we do offer the option of having an examiner read the test. Appointments are required for the oral test and are available on the 1st Friday of the month. Call 509-474-9222 to schecule your test.

We reserve the right to cancel test dates and or times, Cancelled testing times are posted on this page..

Study the Washington Driver Guide in detail. Copies available at the DOL Office or the DOL Website

Drive Test - Appointments available most days Tues-Friday

Testing Fees

  • Students of IDA, No charge for the first 2 attempts. Select the student option when booking your drive.
  • $45 to if using your vehicle - All lights and safety equipment must work, your license tabs must be current and you must bring proof of insurance
  • $55 if you would like to use our car

Testing fees are paid at the time the appointment is booked and are non-refundable; please arrive at least 5 minutes before your test time. If you are late for your test time you may lose your test slot with no refund of testing fees.

The drive test will take about 20 minutes.

Click the link below to book a drive