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Driving with Hand Controls

Whether you are young or old, your mobility is important. To be able to see friends and family, run errands, or attend events -- we all want to get around on our own whenever we please. 

Interface Driving School works side-by-side with men and women who have had their driving privilege challenged due to health problems that impact their ability to use gas/brake pedals. Whether you've had a stroke, an illness, or an accident, you still have a chance to regain your driving independence. With the proper training and modern equipment, you may be able to overcome your physical challenges and successfully resume driving.

  • Hand Control Driving Lessons

    We are happy to offer training in using hand controls to those wanting to return to driving after an injury or illness limited their ability to use the gas and brake pedal. This training consist of three drives. You must have a valid Driver's License or Instruction Permit.

    We start with one drive; based on that drive will recommend a driving plan for you