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Are you retired looking for a rewarding part-time job? This is might be the perfect opportunity for you.

  • Go home each day feeling good about what I do. Helping young people learn how to be safe, responsible drivers is very rewarding.

  • Become a better driver. Coaching new drivers on the skills needed to be a safe driver forces you to evaluate your own driving.

  • Refresh your driving skills. Drivers in their 60s have the lowest crash rates of any age group, but once they enter their 70s and 80s crash risks go up. Helping young drivers learn to be safe responsible drivers will refresh your driving skills and add years of safe driving to your driving career.

"When I tell people I teach driver ed, I often hear them say, "You are a brave man!" or "That explains why your hair is so grey." Teaching driver ed is not as scary as people think; our students do not scare me at all. Other drives do, but not our students." Tim Gienapp, Owner 

The biggest challenges you will face do not involve the act of driving. It is helping students accept that when driving, CHOICES lead to OUTCOMES that often result in CONSEQUENCE. The choices we make as drivers will increase or decrease the risk of a car crash. The challenges faced by parents and driver ed instructors are creating an experience where students understand:

  • Responsible Choices - Good Outcomes - Positive Consequences
  • Irresponsible Choices - Bad Outcomes - Negative Consequences

Teaching drivers ed is not easy, but it is highly rewarding. Be prepared to work hard and help young people stay safe! What could be better? Apply today.

Employment Application

Your Information

Have you ever pleaded guilty to or been convicted of any criminal offense, excluding minor traffic citations?
Are you currently serving probation or any deferred adjudication for a criminal offense?
In the past 2 years, excluding parking tickets, how many traffic tickets have you had?
Have you ever been convicted of a drug or alcohol related driving offence?

Your Education

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I verify that all the information which I have provided on this application and in resumes/exhibits is true, correct and complete. I understand that false, misleading, incomplete or omitted information will result in rejection of my application or dismissal from employment, whenever discovered. If my application is considered for employment, I authorize an investigation and verification of all information and statements provided on this application and in resumes and exhibits. I release any and all persons or companies from any liability for releasing information or verifying statements on this application and in resumes/exhibits.

I understand that this application is not a job offer or a contract of employment for any specific time period. If hired, my employment will be for an indefinite time period and I may resign or be terminated by the facility at any time without notice or requirement of cause.

Employment is subject to completion of pre-employment procedure, including but not limited to verifying employment personal references, criminal record and driving record (where appropriate), and confirmation of professional licensure or registration. Applicants hired must complete a federal I-9 form and provide verifying documentation of their legal right to reside and work in the United States.

Applicants extended a conditional job offer may be asked to submit to a medical exam by a medical practitioner selected by the facility. The exam results will be communicated to the facility and used to determine suitability for employment. In conducting the medical exam, the facility will reasonably accommodate the disabilities and handicaps of qualified applicants in compliance with applicable law. Applicants who refuse to submit to a medical examination will not be further considered for employment.

I further agree that if employed, I will comply with all policies, rules and procedures of the facility. I further give consent for the facility for which I am applying to contact former employers to obtain references and verify information as needed.

By signing and dating this form, I hereby swear all the above information is correct.

By typed first and last names below shall have the same force and effect as my written signature.